Begin by realizing, you are not alone.

You have been here before.
The concept of life after death is not a new phenomenon. Most of the world’s inhabitants have believed that we go on to another life. Reincarnation is a matter of faith and belief in nearly every religion.  Scientists have recently begun research into Past Lives and have made some remarkable discoveries.  They now believe that they have proof that we do, indeed, have the opportunity to live more than one life.

What is Past Life Regression Like?
You will begin your journey through a hypnotic induction.  At no time will you lose control of yourself, nor will you lose consciousness/  Hypnosis will only bring you into a deeper state of consciousness, a more receptive state, where you will be able to draw back the curtain of time and enter your memories of another life.

Why Look into a Past Life?
You might be wondering what purpose it might serve.  Perhaps you may have a fear of water, a fear of heights, closed spaces, crowds, or you’re sexually inhibited.  Through regression, you may re-experience events in your past life which will help you to be able to release those fears.

It is also possible to free yourself of allergies that may be rooted somewhere in your past.  If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships, and you don’t understand why you act a certain way or choose a certain person to be with, your answer may lie in a past life.

Regression Therapy
Dr. Doris Cohen began her journey into her own Past Lives more than 30 years ago.  Her discoveries have revealed numerous interesting personal lives, as well as , intriguing cases of those of her clients.  Through Regressions Therapy, many of Dr. Cohen’s clients have been able to successfully resolve problems and fears that have plagued them throughout their lifetimes.  Dr. Cohen believes that your journey into the past may be the most direct path to the answers to this life’s challenges.