Doris E. Cohen, Ph.D., is a certified psychic and medical intuitive, known for her uncanny accuracy and insightful psychic readings. A psychic reading, usually 45-50 minutes long, is a unique experience that is both practical and profoundly spiritual. It involves my communicating with loving and spiritual Guides and Angels of the Light who give information and guidance to the person getting a reading.

This includes guidance regarding spiritual, medical, relationships, and family issues, finances, professional and career areas as well.

Past Lives-Reincarnation

The Guides and Angels access each person’s Akashic records, the skein of the soul, and select the relevant Past Lives that help clarify the present. We have lived hundreds, if not thousands of times.

The Guides and Angels will choose the ones that facilitate understanding of the present and enhance change now. The Guides discuss and reveal relevant patterns in a person’s life, pointing out imbalances in a person’s energy. While they never criticize anyone and do not give dire predictions, they will point out the imbalances, and give guidance and tools on how to bring back the systems in balance.

The process is neither formal formal nor fragile, and people experience it as a rich, interactive, and often uplifting and transformative event.

Since Guides and Angels have no bodies, they say that when we call on them to come and help, as long as we work from the heart, they are here to stay, (and they love hanging around!) to support us and illuminate our path. They give precise guidelines and always point out that “the more specific the question, the more specific the answer.”

All readings are based on our God-given gift of Free Choice, which we exercise both consciously and unconsciously at all times, and at all settings. Therefore readings are not aimed at predictions, since that may distract from each person’s free choice. However, the Guides will give projections, and help on how to reach and make those projections come about.