“President Obama and Powerful People” Dream & Dream Interpretation

“President Obama and Powerful People”

The following two dreams were told to me by a friend of mine who is a Professor at a major university in the United Kingdom. Marianne, although very successful, has been feeling rather incompetent lately.  Although an expert in her field of study (Art History), she was born and raised in Italy and while she speaks perfect English, never felt that her writing abilities were very good.  She also does not need to use a computer very often and frequently complains about how intimidated the computer makes her feel. She is in the process of a career change after 25 years of teaching and has always dreamed of starting her own business and working on her own.

“In one of the dreams, President Obama comes to me and asks me how I am and what my plans are.  He’s being very charming and reassuring.  I explain how incompetent I’ve been feeling and how intimidated I’m feeling toward this career change.  Obama sits down with me and tells me the story of how he came from nowhere and is now one of the most powerful men in the world.  He encourages me to move forward in my decision.  A few weeks prior, I had a dream that Oprah Winfrey is my new next door neighbor.  She comes over to help me work on my new business and is quite supportive.  She gives me the support and incentive to continue to pursue my new career as a business woman.


Although these 2 dreams may seem rather simplistic, the message they are sending is one and the same: Go forward with confidence and lose your self-doubt over what you cannot do.  President Obama, although coming from a very simple background, has become one of the most powerful men in the world.  Oprah Winfrey, who cam from extremely humble beginnings, now reaches millions every day. Her information spreads like wildfire.  Both dreams are showing my friend that yes, she can do it too.  They are reinforcing any doubts she may have about her abilities (her feelings of incompetence) and urge her to go forward with great determination.  Although on a conscious level, Marianne was feeling so badly, so insecure about how to start her new business, her unconscious is pushing her forward into a new world of accomplishing her dreams.