Dreaming is something that we all do no matter where we come from or how old we are. Did you know that 95-98% of our behavior is determined by the unconscious? From the days of Sigmund Freud to the present, researchers have been proving time and time again that our decisions and behaviors are greatly influenced by our unconscious. Is it any wonder why dreams are so important? If our behavior is governed by the unconscious and our dreams are coming from the unconscious, shouldn’t we pay much closer attention to the messages they are relaying?

O. N. E. – Observe · Note · Embrace


O= Observe

“The dreamer is ALWAYS dreaming about the dreamer!” This simply means that you are always dreaming about yourself.  The unconscious is speaking to us through our dreams with vivid stories and symbolic messages that are related to current events in our lives.  Take a few minutes to observe that you dream.  Are your dreams similar?  Are they often sad or scary? Do you have recurring dreams?  Do you ever wake up laughing from a dream?  While our dreams can vary significantly, they can be easily interpreted when we take a few minutes to examine them.


N= Note

Always write the dream down or record it into a tape recording device so that you will be able to review it when you are awake.  How often have you woken up in the middle of the night after a very profound dream thinking that you will be able to remember the details only to find that in the morning the majority of the dream has escaped your memory?  It happens to all of us! From this point forward, try keeping a pad and pencil on your night table so that you can jot down the dream upon awakening.  Very importantly, write down the emotion attached to the dream.  Did it make you feel happy, sad, or afraid?  Whatever it was, make sure you record the emotional aspect attached to the dream.  By noting your dreams, you will be quite surprised to learn how much you are dreaming and what you are dreaming about.


E= Embrace

The importance of what your unconscious is saying to you should never be undervalued. Learning how to interpret your dreams will give you amazing insight into your thoughts and feelings about current events in you life and may uncover many areas (fears, anxieties, and wishes – all kinds of hidden emotions) that you may have not been consciously aware of. Get ready to set out on a new journey of self-discovery and awareness! Embrace your dreams!