7 Steps of Dream Recall

Step 1: Recall and Record Your Dream Place a voice recorder or notepad and pen within easy reach of your bed. When you begin to feel yourself drifting off to sleep, repeat aloud three times: “I will remember my dreams clearly and well, and will record them when I wake up.” When you awaken, whether in the morning or the … Read More

“Broken-down Car” Dream & Dream Interpretation

“Broken-down Car” A male patient of mine shared this dream with me a few years ago.  Rick was suffering from depression.  He had lost his job due to downsizing, his relationship with his partner was shaky, and in order to cope was eating more and exercising less.  He tried many fad diets but nothing seemed to work.  The more weight … Read More

“The Straw Man” Dream & Dream Interpretation

“The Straw Man” A female client of mine shares the following dream with me. Before I tell you about the dream, let me tell you a little bit about her.  “Julie” is a single, 42 year old woman with a history of physical abuse, low self esteem, and a recovered substance abuser.  Needless to say, she has been surrounded by … Read More

“President Obama and Powerful People” Dream & Dream Interpretation

“President Obama and Powerful People” The following two dreams were told to me by a friend of mine who is a Professor at a major university in the United Kingdom. Marianne, although very successful, has been feeling rather incompetent lately.  Although an expert in her field of study (Art History), she was born and raised in Italy and while she … Read More