Dreaming on Both Sides of the Brain

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Dreaming on Both Sides of the Brain: Discover the Secret Language of the Night – Dreams are the secret language of your unconscious. This book will teach you how to unlock the secrets of your personal dream language; interpret the meaning of your dreams; and uncover a life of greater richness and meaning.


Dr. Doris Cohen

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Reincarnation Expert
  • Dream Analysis
  • Hypotherapist
  • Psychic
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Reiki Master
  • Author
  • Lecturer

Healing Journeys

Doris E. Cohen, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned clinical psychologist and psychotherapist and has been in the private practice for more than 30 years. Her unique approach uses psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Past-Life Regressions and Dream analysis.

A certified healer and metaphysical intuitive, Doris communicates with her Guides and Angels of the Light. She has given more than 20,000 medical, relationship, and spiritual readings. Doris is known for her precision and clarity. Thousands of clients have benefited from her guidance when facing life’s challenges.

Doris has conducted numerous workshops, nationally and internationally, on Past Lives, Dream exploration, and communicating with your Guides.



NOW Available on Amazon!

Repetition: Past Lives, Life and Rebirth – This fascinating book by Doris Eliana Cohen, Ph.D., was written to help us create a shift in our own consciousness as well as that of humanity. In order to heal from traumas, we unknowingly repeat the stories of our lives again and again, reliving them in different scenarios in this life as well as in other lifetimes.