Using the 7 Steps of Rebirth stops us from automatically reacting to situations as a traumatized, frightened child and instead lets us access our calm, accepting adult self.  It allows us to heal by giving us a way to reassure our child self that he or she no linger has to take on an adult role; and empowers our adult self to make better, healthier choices for ourselves.

While saying "Stop" visualize a stop sign,

Inhale deeply through the nose, hold the breath to a count of four, then exhale slowly through the mouth (the exhale is longer than the inhale.) Remember not to cross your arms or legs, and keep your facial muscles relaxed.

Affirm that you're the author of your story.  The statement "Whoops, there I go again!" will help you acknowledge your story without judgment.

Allow the very first number that enters your mind to come right into your awareness. This is going to be the age of the child whom the adult will be meeting and healing in the next step.

Create a magical nature scene where you meet your child self, giving him or her love and reassurance, remembering to call on loving Angels of the Light to keep the two of your sage and sound always.

Reassure the child that he or she is safe, sound, and loved; then detach yourself, leaving him or her in the safety of the magical scene with the Angels.

State your name, your age, your location, and the year in order to ground yourself back in the present as your adult self feeling alert, refreshed, revived, and replenished.

To ensure that the 7 Steps of Rebirth are effective, you must not rush through the process or skip a step.  Each one is precise and necessary to create the healing, the separation, and the return to the present.

Excerpted from Repetition by Doris Cohen, Ph.D.
Copyrighted © 2008 (Hay House)